Monday, August 4, 2008

A Whole Week Update

I am so sorry for the huge lapse in updates. It gets difficult sometimes to put things into words that your children do or say and it leave the impact with you as much as it did in person. Marshall is continuing to jabber like crazy with more coherency than usual. He is really starting to stand up for himself with big brother which is quite amusing. Michael has a knack to want to hold anything that Marshall is remotely interested in. (yes, I am aware he is 6 years older and have no idea what type of interest Michael has in a toddler toy) Now Marshall says, "No, mine!" and will jerk it out of Michael's reach. When Marshall gets his plate he now yells out "FOOD" and starts to clap his hands. He is also doing the most adorable animal sounds...he knows pig, cow, dog, cat, duck, and monkey. The monkey and duck are my personal favorites. I will get a video of that and post it. TOO CUTE!

Michael has his first week of school under his belt. He only knows one person in his class so hopefully this will be a chance to branch out his social circle. When I asked about his first day...the first think he said was "I really like my teacher." I am so glad because I think he will try harder if he feels the teacher has a vested interested in him. Michael needs that. He has an extremely hard time focusing and that can be hard on a teacher to constantly redirect him. I, too, am personally impressed with his teacher. I met her for 1o minutes on the first day of school and she had taken the time to learn the children's faces with their names. When we got there, she greeted Michael by name before we introduced him. Then....over a week later, when I walked to pick Michael up from school, she saw me and said....."Let me find Michael for you." That is a really big deal for me to see a teacher make that kind of effort. Hopefully, this is a strong start for a wonderful year.

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