Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'll Take Cheese With My Whine

If anyone knows me well enough...they know I am scared of the dark. I am O.K. if Mike is in bed with me (most of the time) but when he gets up super early and leaves me alone.....let us say I revert to my 10 year old self and start to see things that aren't there. NO I AM NOT MENTAL!! So, whenever he gets up and it is still dark, I have him turn the recessed light over the shower on. Last Sunday I get a wild hair that turning the light on is a waste of electricity but I needed it, desperately!
I decided to install a cool dimmer switch to use less electricity. You know the one with the little slide thingie by the toggle! Try and stay with me, I know these are technical terms. I turn off the breaker and begin my own personal DIYTV. Although I can feel slight tingles of current from the wires (leftover current?) I forge on hoping I have enough life insurance for my family.
Dimmer switch wired, breaker turned back on, Houston...we have power. I was so proud of myself that I felt I deserved a bath in the Jacuzzi. I don't usually take baths in the summer because it is so damn hot/humid but today was special. I had accomplished something.
I put Marshall to bed for a nap and Mike took Michael swimming.
Ahhhhhh, a quiet house. I begin to to fill the tub. I docked my ipod and turned it to the 'bathtime' heading. (Deep Forest, Portishead, Enigma, Dead Can Dance). I lay out my towel, bath salts, and Yahtzee game. I then go downstairs and pour me a glass of wine.
As I sink slowly into my bath, I lazily reach over to push the jet button. Instead of getting pummeled by 10 jets to relax away my every stress.......I GET NOTHING! I was upset but handled it like a big girl. I calmed myself with reason after I did the math to either buy and install a new tub or pay someone to fix this one. I went ahead and took my bath and rationalized that people take baths all the time without jets and love it. That was my solace after deciding to not spend any money.
I finish my bath, get dressed, and know a jet tub cannot hold a candle to a no jet tub. Now, I am upset all over again. I hate spending money.....first our irrigation guy says we need to move 4 heads and now the tub!!! I felt I was systematically getting nickel and dimed by an inanimate object. Suck it up, I tell myself. Some people don't have the luxury of a nice bath and green grass during an entire hot summer. I then tell myself to 'Shut The Hell Up'. I am going to feel sorry for myself if I want to. Free Country.
Then it dawns on me. "Hey, Angela. You are fairly handy, especially for a girl. Why don't you extend your electrical prowess and check out the underbelly of the hot tub."
On my hands and knees, I open the main access door to the tub. Hey, what do you know....there is a GFI plug under there with the right light taunting me......'You are an idiot!' Why did I not know the tub plugged into something. Don't they hard wire those things in or something? So much for my electrical prowess!!! I guess I tripped the outlet when I turned off the juice to install the dimmer. I reset the button, pushed the jet button, and heard the beautiful harmony of 10 super power jets. They were taunting me, you know. Damn those jets....they knew all along.

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