Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lance Armstrong In The Making

Today was Sunday and absolutely beautiful. 85 degrees, light wind and no humidity. God love the South!! I skipped out on church this morning with more than a handful of excuses in which I always feel guilty for later on (Like Now). We ask Michael if he wants to go bike riding at the park or swimming and he wants to do both. So we decide to ride 5 miles at the park and end it with a dip in the pool. On our last lap at the park, Michael is distracted and bites the dust. Both of his knees are badly scraped and blood is almost down to his sock and the left leg. It was all he could do to hold it together. After we fixed the slightly bent wheel and turned the handlebars a full clockwise turn the bike was ready to rock again. He wheeled his way back and survived his first bike tragedy. We also used visuals of the Olympic games women's bicycling and Tour de France footage to demonstrate how people have bike wrecks but keep on pushing. He got it....and forged on. Blood running down the leg and all.....we finished the last lap.

I have attached a picture of the boys in their bike gear. It was taken in the garage...on Mike's side. He gets two bays to decorate, I get one....I think that is fair. Put up all the dead carcasses you want as long as it is in the garage!!!!

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