Sunday, August 17, 2008

Come One And All To The County Fair

Well, it was early Friday morning, I was basking in the early morning "I don't have to work today" sun and Mike was getting ready for work. I casually asked him if he thought Michael remembered from last Friday that we had said we were going to the county fair this Friday. He quickly told me...the last thing Michael said before going to be last night was, "I cant wait until the fair tomorrow." So much for short term memory problems in 8 year old boys. At 6:30 pm we head to the fair. (On full stomachs mind you because most fair food is not only gross and full of every preservative known to man and deep is also incredibly expensive). Mind you, this is Marshall's first experience at a fair. I was nervous because 7:00 is his bedtime and was hoping this was not going to turn into a major meltdown disaster. Mike assured me all the lights and sounds would keep any attitude issues at bay. He was right.
The first area you pass at the fairgrounds is the "stadium". Lo and behold a Demolition Derby was in full swing. Sad as I am to admit it.....I enjoyed watching it. I was even hit on my leg with a clod of mud. My official is so nice to be welcomed into a sacred coven. We watched this loud and amusing display for 20 minutes and then it was off to the Midway. Marshall and Michael got their own ride bracelets and away we went. (By this time we have acquiesced another child from Michael's class) We split, I have Marshall on the kiddie rides and Mike takes the boys to the big rides. Scrambler, here we come. On every ride Marshall acted so unsure but once it got going he was good to go. He rode four different rides about 15 times. Approximately 45 minutes later Michael and Mike find us. Michael is looking a little green in the gills.

Michael: I don't feel good, Mom.
Me: How do you get sick riding the Scrambler and Tilt o' Whirl?
Michael: I also rode the Slicer (not the actual name but what he as dubbed it)

You all have seen this ride. It looks like two rockets on the end of a stick. and they spin around a mutual axis...upside down and all. Needless to say this did Michael in and we had to go home. En route to home, he threw up....luckily I had a huge bag of plastic grocery bags in the car to recycle and handed him one. AHHHHH the memories!!!! Crap...I did not even get my annual funnel cake topped with powdered sugar. Oh well, that saved me 48 grams of fat to burn off!

NOTE TO SELF: Make Michael ride the Slicer as soon as we get to the fair next year so we can go straight home and not hang out with a bunch of really scary people!!!!!!

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