Thursday, August 14, 2008

For The Love To Ride

I have never seen two children that enjoy riding bikes as much as mine. Michael has the perfect build for a bike rider....lean with long muscles. For his birthday last year we decided to splurge and get him a really nice Walmart bikes do get what you pay for when your child puts miles and miles on one. Anyway, there is a bike store in town and we bought Michael a Trek bicycle. It is a six speed and he changes gears by turning the right hand grip like one would a motorcycle accelerator. He looks pretty slick on it with his Giro helmet and cool sunglasses. Every Wednesday he gets to ride his bike to school with Mike. It is only 1.8 miles but it is hilly! He made it yesterday without a rest and he was excited to spread this news. So, Mike called me yesterday at 2:45 telling me he was picking up Michael (by bike) and taking Marshall with him. YIKES! I went into slight Mom panic mode. Marshall has a special seat on Mike's bike. It actually sits in front instead of the back. (Why any parent thinks their child enjoys staring at the back of their head during a bike ride is beyond me.) Mike acted a little offended when I voiced my concern for safety but after further explanation that it is not his skills as a is the idiot who just dropped his cell phone and starts to frantically search for it as he plows over my family! Luckily, this did not happen. Mike made it to and from school without incident. Marshall was in hog heaven. Might I say, he looks pretty slick in his bike seat, too. With his sunglasses and little helmet!! SOOOO CUTE.
Just a note, for anyone with a baby from under one to three years old...check out the Wee-Ride bike seat. It is the coolest thing ever for a bike riding family with a little one and is actually affordable!!! I know, hard to believe.

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