Sunday, August 24, 2008

Officially Two

Well, the big birthday was Saturday and four of little Marshall's friends were there to help celebrate along with some fabulous family. They all had greater than a 1 hour commute to comae and party with Marshall and Barney the Dinosaur. God love them! Ah, Barney....a mom's final vestige of sanity. Although we are all in a moral dilemma as to how long our child should watch TV...sometimes this is the only way anything can get accomplished in the house. Well, my child is in love with Barney. It is amazing how many generations Barney has covered. Although he is Super de Duper annoying to parents, he somehow hypnotizes small children.
Sorry, off on a tangent. Big purple animals tend to do that to people. The party went well and lasted about an hour and a half. Marshall received some great books, balls, and trucks. The grandparents went in with me to purchase his big gift....the swing set. I know he received this over 2 months ago but it could not wait until now. There have been so many hours logged on that thing by both of my kids, you just would not believe.
I would love to blog more but I have just been sidled by my 2 year old and he smells rather suspicious, if you know what I mean.
Just a note, I have not been blogging much lately because I have somehow acquired a virus in my laptop. I could take it to the IT guy at work and get it fixed but am too lazy. So in order to blog, I have to use the computer in Michael's playroom which is not near as accessible as a mobile laptop! Yes, I can be that lazy. Please stick with the check ins. I promise I will become more diligent.

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