Friday, September 5, 2008

Communication Is Key

It is so neat to experience the budding language of a toddler. I know this can be very frustrating, too. However, I am now starting to get in tune with what Marshall asks for and it is the coolest thing to see the look on his face when I actually do what he asks.
I know when he wants to go swing or slide, he asks to take a bath and at times asks to go 'night, night.' (My personal favorite). This morning I was getting dressed and Marshall is already put together for the day. He comes to me with his pajama bottoms on and says, "pajamas on, please." I put them on over his clothes and he was as content as can be. As a matter of fact, he is rolling/lounging in the floor beside me this very minute in his pajama bottoms and letting me type this entry. That is a rarity. I wonder how many times in the past he has asked such a simple thing and I did not comply because I had no idea what he was saying? These past occurrence almost always ended up in a total meltdown, of course.

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