Sunday, September 28, 2008

Growing Up Fast....A Bragging Paragraph

Even though my 'Little Bit' (Marshall) can be quite spirited, to put it lightly...he can also be so loving and funny. He loves to act like he is falling toward you and saying...WHHHOOOAAA! When you catch him, you MUST fall back as if he just knocked you down. Not only is this incredibly entertaining for is quite the abdominal workout. Two birds!!
He is also starting to talk like no one's business. He says big things like..."I want to push the button, mommy" referring to his car seat. He says little things, "My food", "My baby", "My Mommy!", "I want a cookie". He can also kick a soccer ball like nobody's business and throw any object with remarkable accuracy and speed. He loves to sleep with his Barney doll and is orally fixated with his pacifier. He has an infectious laugh, the cutest right dimple, and the cutest, curly, blond locks.
Anyway, I just thought I would mention a few things about him since my last two posts had to do with Michael! Must always be fair!!! YEAH RIGHT!

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