Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mother-Son Dance

Saturday night Michael and I went to our first Mother-Son dance. Don't ask me why but tears have just started to well up in my eyes, weird! Moving on.......It was a luau theme so we arrived in our closest luau attire without spending money on something new only to wear it once. It was a cute and non-pretentious affair. They did not serve any type of Hawaiian food which I thought was a little odd. I did not particularly expect a pig rotating an a stick, char siu, or haupia for dessert. However, I felt one chunk of pineapple was not too much to ask! Instead we had turkey or ham sandwiches, assorted chips, cookies and either sweet, sweet, sweet tea or orange drink (McDonalds). Side note: I may be a Southern Girl but I abhor sweet tea, GACK!!
Moving on from the food (I have an unhealthy obsession with food).....they did have a DJ and face painting which was fun. After everyone finished eating, the music was playing but akin to most dances.....everyone was milling around and no one was dancing.
The DJ was smart and really got the party to started with the Chicken Dance!!! It was ingenious. How can anyone not throw caution to the wind when that song starts up. I surprised myself and let go of my inhibitions and joined in the fun! (Normally this cannot be accomplished without imbibing an adult beverage) I was so proud, new territory. This song was followed by YMCA and other classics like the Electric Slide and the Macarena. Unfortunately, the latter was resurrected. Never been a big fan. So into the night we go, getting buzzed on snow cones and cookies. It was truly a good time.

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