Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Real Haircut

Well, I finally did it. The cute, blond, curly locks have made their final appearance. This past Thursday the kids and I went to get haircuts. I hated to cut Marshall's hair but he is a little boy so he should look like one. My hairstylist about died when she learned what her job was going to be. "I cannot believe you are going to make me cut off those beautiful curls", she said.

Just do it!!! Marshall lasted about 6 minutes before getting tired of sitting in the chair. The remainder of the time was him squealing because I was holding his head still. Here is a picture of his cute little boy face, luckily he is still chubby so he still has some of a baby face. Someone at work told me he could be Toby Keith's son. I am not for sure of what he looks like but everyone seemed to agree. Who knows, maybe he is and that is my little secret!!!! JK
I was next to get my hair cut which involves not one iota of relaxation when a two year old is systematically dismantling the place. I could tell the other lady was getting aggravated and I told my stylist how sorry I was. She said it was not a big deal. I then told her it was very obvious of how the other lady felt about my child. Apparently, older people forget that kids are kids. Especially when they are only 2! That totally pissed me off. I wish I could afford a nanny to watch the kids while I went to the salon but that is a fantasy and my life is reality!!!!!

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