Friday, September 5, 2008

Cougar Run

Today is the big day for the annual Cougar Run at my son's school. This is the big fundraiser. Did I say big? I mean HUGE. The school averages between 50K and 60K every year. This money goes directly to the school, 100%. I like this type of fundraiser 10 times better than selling crap and the school gets maybe 50% of money earned. The run works like the multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy runs I participated in as a child. You find people to sponsor an amount of money per lap or a one time donation. I usually just write a check for $200 or so because I hate to have my son out begging for money. His school is k-4th and is a public school. However, the type of teaching and scores that are in that is often called the private public school. The school is good because it is loaded with caring teachers and attentive parents.
I am excited about today because I know how excited Michael is. I get to watch him run then it is off to the picnic to take pictures. A local photographer (Amy Callahan) and I are in charge of taking pics and showing them on a slide show during awards night in November. Since she cannot be two places at once ( I don't know why?), she is taking pics of the running and I am taking pics of the picnic since they happen concurrently depending on your grade. I love being a part of something so big and rewarding for the school. Hopefully we will raise lots and lots of money.

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