Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Dancing Shoes

Well, I finally broke down and bought Marshall his first pair of really good shoes. He has the fattest, flattest feet you have ever seen and it is so hard to find shoes that fit in a regular store like Kohls, for example. Off we go to this little children's boutique in town. It is kinda pricey but I know it will have Stride Rites in wide sizes. Marshall is already in a size 8. I could not believe it when the lady told me that. (How horrible of a mother I am. I have been cramming his feet into size 7 hand me downs for 3 weeks...BAD.....BAD). We pick out this cute little brown pair called Root Beer....appropriate. Marshall puts them on and is so proud of them, he goes around the store showing everyone his new shoes. It is so amazing how children learn this type of behavior without anyone telling them.
Of course, everyone in the store ooohhhed and aaahhhed which fueled his little fashion show. While he was strutting his stuff, I decided to look through the sale rack since it has the only clothes I could possibly afford. I found the cutest shirt that is so apropos. It is a light mint green, long sleeved shirt which reads 'Lock up your daughters' on it. I laughed out loud and had to buy it. I then decided to venture out into the non-sale racks and saw the cutest Halloween overall outfit. The salesperson was telling me how it was reversible. Wow, I thought, 2 outfits in one. I was actually considering a purchase until I got a look see at the price. $65.00!!!! Looks like I will stick with the sale racks where I belong.

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