Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Fest On The Town Square

Fall Fest is an annual event in Cookeville which encompasses about 3 square blocks. They have 2 separate live music venues, lots of jumpy things and rock climbing walls for the kids, carnival food, BBQ, and artsy craftsy things you can buy. Plus, it is free to roam, watch and listen. For the past few years, Fall Fest has been a hot, humid, grueling event which usually leaves all of us tired and sweaty.
This year we had a welcomed new experience. It was in the upper sixties with virtually zero humidity. We bought the kids some tickets so they could do some of the kids things. All of the jumpy things were manned by college kids who were all super cool. Marshall went into Toddler Town (2 tickets) and had a wonderful time. Since there was not a line, the guy let him jump for 20 minutes. He even got out a couple of times but immediately wanted back in. I tried to give the guy more tickets but he said don't worry about it. The same was true for everything Michael did. The ticket taker person would let him slide down or jump forever and never make him give more tickets. It was sweet.
The most expensive play thing was the rock climbing wall. (5 tickets) It was about 30 feet high and we could hardly get Michael off of it. It took him several attempts but he finally made it to the top. The sad thing is he was one of very few that made it to the top. Some of those kids could barely make it 10 feet before they would let go saying they were too tired. WOW!!!
O.K. maybe I am bragging just a bit but this is my blog you know.

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