Sunday, September 28, 2008

That Is What Bragging Will Do

As you have read in previous posts, Michael's soccer team is kick ass!! For the first three games his team won and they had not given up any points. I have not been bragging, per se, I was just extremely proud. You see, this is what no one understands...Michael is usually on the losing team not the winning team. This new territory was rather exciting and mystical!! That was until this past Saturday. Can you say 'stacked team'! No I am not bitter.....highly competitive....NO!
To start with, several of the boys heights on the opposing team came up to the chin of their coach. Secondly, they had nary a girl....ok...ok...maybe 2 girls! WHOOOPPPEEE!!
We have 5 girls on our team and only one is worth her weight. The other 4 would most likely play better if they walked on their hands. They definitely could not play any worse.
How horrible I must sound....this is a non-competitive children's league at the YMCA. Let's see how non-competitive you are when every time the other team scored you felt like Brandi Chastain must be taking her shirt off somewhere!
Getting to the point....was there a point!?!? Oh yeah, we were slaughtered. I forgot for a minute. Usually we are doing the beating, this time we were beat 8-0. It was awful, I have never wanted to skulk off of a soccer field so quickly. Michael was pretty bummed but is was nothing a Happy Meal would not fix. Happiness in a it can be bought after all!

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