Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

Well, the official first day of third grade is tomorrow. Where exactly did the nine weeks of summer go?? I have been looking for them everywhere!! I love helping Michael pick out what he is going to wear to school on the first day. I am thinking this is probably the last year for that. He is getting to the point where my opinion means zilch, oh, and I don't know how to do anything either. I remember going through this with my parents only I was a bit older. We all know when we were young.....wondering how our parents made it through the rigors of day to day activity seeing as dumb as they were. (Sarcasm is being laid pretty thick here). Oh well, he will realize that his dad and I are fairly with it in about 10-12 years. It will just fly by!
Switching gears....Michael and I are so excited because we finished Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii. After I got him to stop bossing me around on what to do and where to go (see previously mentioned comment) we actually worked as a team and finished it. I know this is not very important stuff but our family is fairly boring. I am sure my life will gear back up since soccer and baseball are revving up and Marshall's birthday party will begin is initial planning stages.
After that I have Cougar Run which is the big fund raiser for Michael's school. They raise over 50 thousand annually with this thing. I am the official photographer for the entire event! I am soooo excited. I love taking pictures and being a part of something so important for the school.

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