Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nothing Real Exciting

I am so sorry about not having a post for almost a week. Our lives have not had any huge occurrences or even small occurrences for that matter. Marshall is starting to talk like a madman. Yesterday, the young lady at the day care pulled me aside and told me Marshall has been saying 'shit' all day. I thought, I know I cuss but I have cut down immensely and found it hard to believe. After we talked for a minute I figured out he was saying 'sit'. Boy, what a relief! I can just see a huge uprising at the daycare against the horrible mom who has let her child bring such language into the place! In Marshall's defense, he does have a little bit of a lisp (hopefully this will go away on its own) so 'sit' could essentially sound like 'shit'. Oh, the implications of that as he gets older!!!
Later in the evening I was going to meet some friends to celebrate my birthday. These were a few girls who were not able to make it last week. I had a particular sundress in mind but I had not worn it since before I was pregnant with Marshall. I did not want the surprise that I could not fit in it right before I left for dinner so I drug Little Guy upstairs to the closet so I could try it on. After I put it on, I rhetorically asked Marshall:
Me: "How do I look"
Marshall: "Pretty"
At this point, understand, I was in shock!
Me: "Did you say Mommy was pretty?"
Marshall: "Pretty Mommy"
I could not believe that we actually had a little miniature conversation. Even though he is such a handful, times like that just melt my heart and make it all worth it.

On a different note, the swing set we got Marshall is on its way and will be delivered to the house this evening. Over the next few days if you feel the Earth shake or think you hear a long line of expletives during the usually din of the evening.....that will be Mike and I putting together a damn swing set!!!! It is monstrous.......I am scared!!!!

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