Monday, July 21, 2008

Uncanny Knack

Some people say that babies/toddlers cannot understand or do not know what is going on most of the time because they are BABIES. Well, I say these are people who have never had kids or have not spent a lot of time around them. I think babies/toddlers use more intuition than understanding language to get a feel for the room. This would be their only defense. When Michael was a baby, he would always have this knack to wake up from his nap just as I was sitting down to enjoy some quiet sustenance. This happened way too many times to be coincidence. I just think it was his way of saying....I know you are trying to take care of yourself and I will have none of that!!
With Marshall it is not the eating intuition (which, by the way, makes no sense because he could eat 24/7) it is the sleeping intuition. Marshall will sleep in on the days I work. I am talking past 7 0'clock on some occasions. He is sleeping through Mike and I getting ready for work.....TV blaring, shower running, hair dryer, teeth brushing, etc. BUT...on the days I do not work...when the house is ghostly quiet...Little Man will get up at 6, religiously. I cut my hours this summer to 30 so I could spend some time with Michael and did not get to sleep in on any of those extra days! Once again, this happened EVERY WEEKEND so it could not be coincidence! Quite frankly, I would rather my eating get interrupted than my sleep. I can always eat with one hand and hold a child in the other. Sleeping on the other hand while holding an awake baby......not a good idea!

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