Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Day of Freedom

I cannot believe this is the last free week day for Michael. School starts full throttle on Monday. Where did the summer go and how did I get a third grader already?
To commemorate this last day, Michael and I met my cousin at a water park in McMinnville. Of course, after several days of blistering hot summer days..this day had to be different. When we got to the park it was cloudy, drizzly and the temp was 67 degrees. This was at 10 o'clock in the morning! Gina and I spent 4 hours in cold, drizzly weather under a covered area and watched the kids swim. They are either immune or oblivious to cold pool water. Michael was having a ball and decided to emulate his cousins performing front flips off of the high dive. For those of you who know my son personally...daredevil is not a typical word you hear as a description of my son! So...Michael performs his first front flip off the high dive but actually does a flip and a half landing flat on his face.....literally. He came up to me crying and holding his face and mouth. This is the norm with Michael whenever he tries something a bit off the wall. After he recovered, we went to the snack bar and devoured some healthy tortilla chips covered in a spicy, cheese type substance. YUMMY!! Michael's parting words were "I guess next time I decide to do a flip off the high dive, I should figure out how to end it first!!" No truer words have ever been spoken!!

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