Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally, A Birthday Present

I have been majorly stressing over what to get Marshall for his birthday. Yes, we have a virtual Toys 'R Us in our house as most people do. But, even though he could get hand me fair is that? Yes, I also know he does not know the difference...but I do! I want my second child to feel special not feel like the second child!!
We have decided on a big boy swing set. I know this is not really supposed to happen before you are three years old. But, before I start being judged by a gaggle of moms with their hands on their hips...I say this.....You do not know my child, he is nine to nothing, in your face, pedal to the metal kind of kid. He is also incredibly agile and astute for his age and I do feel I am being objective! He has climbed up 3 separate big boy playground swing sets without so much as a hiccup! He looks at the Little Tikes get up he got for his birthday as if to say, "Who is the baby that plays on this!"
On another note, Michael and his Dad played 9 holes of golf at the country club today. Michael had a great time and a great attitude while playing (we are not sure were this great attitude during sporting events came from!) This was followed by a couple of hours at the country club pool. I love this pool. It has a 1 foot section just perfect for Marshall. We are topping off the night with filet mignon and shrimp on the grill. YUMMY!!

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