Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am so excited about Earth Day. As most of my closest friends know...I would not technically be classified as a tree hugger....I prefer to 'pet' the tree.
  • I don't have an "eco-friendly" car but I do ride my bicycle to work during the warm seasons
  • 90% of my lights are fluorescent
  • I recycle absolutely everything that I have the capability of recycling
  • Heat on 65 degrees in the winter and air on 75 in the summer
  • Although I have a gas guzzler, I only have 17000 miles on my 2007 Tahoe
  • I plant things like crazy....I have 6 trees on my agenda for the summer
  • I want one of those ol' timey push lawn mower thingies that don't use any oil/gas but I cannot find a place to purchase one
  • I don't run the water while I brush my teeth
  • My showers are five minutes flat....why would you need more time? If you do, I encourage you to change your method and technique
  • I even recycle my batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) Please don't throw these away.
In my usual "Save the Earth" frenzy.....I began a campaign, if you will, for recycling at Michael's school. Just a little note home with every child (over 600) to bring in an example of each product that can be recycled in Putnam County......WOW......we have a lot of closet tree huggers/petters in the Cookeville area. Everyone had two days to bring in their wares. Mike showed up at the end of school today and was greeted by TWO huge truck loads of stuff. YIIIPPPEEEE! Much to his chagrin, I am sure, it was loaded up and distributed to its proper place at the facility behind the courthouse. I am curious to see if the turn out is that good for tomorrow and Friday.
I want everyone to understand something.....every county has to pay a certain amount per ton for every piece of trash placed in a landfill. It is a chain event....for every ton sent to the landfill, the county is charged more, and your taxes pay for it (or will be raised to cover it). We are not charged by the ton for recycled material. Out of the landfill equals money back in the pocket of the county which could thwart a future tax increase in the future for homeowners. Just some food for thought. HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

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mandi said...

I can't rest if I put something in the trash that can be repurposed. A girl at church told me about the loads of clothes she took to the dump because goodwill was "just too far to go" for her. I was so upset by it, and I let her know. Come on!! (Lost my gold star for that Sunday.) Thanks for your undertaking. Totally one of those things I would think about, but then overwhelm myself out of doing. So glad you did it.