Monday, April 13, 2009

My Two Year Old Thinks He Cusses

I reprimanded Marshall one day for something he did. Who knows what in the world he did to get in trouble. If I kept up with that it would be an entirely separate blog chronicling his mess ups, spills, and snafus.
After I scolded him about his reply was "I am going to kick your ass". Now listen, I know I am supposed to be the co-leader of this tribe, however when your child pops off with something like that it is really difficult to maintain a straight face. Don't get me wrong...I do not tell my children that previously stated comment but I am positive it has been involved in a playful banter between Mike and I. Alright, all the moms with their arms crossed and shaking their heads can kiss my butt. I have done a tremendous job cleaning up my potty mouth since my kids have been around....apparently, not a good enough job. You see, I was awarded Mrs. Profanity in my college class so him saying 'ass' is the least of my worries. I never had to worry about Michael repeating anything. entirely different story.
In an attempt to squelch this cursing fire, I spelled the word for him "You are going to kick my A-S-S?" He said yes and from this day forth he spells it. I am telling you this kid is sharp. Sharp enough that even he has cleaned it up. For example, this evening he was performing his regular beating up of big brother and I told him to "cease and desist". He looked at me, performed his best banshee yell, and said "I'm going to kick your S-S-S!" "That's right you are", I said! Whatever that is.

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