Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Am So Tired, We Are So Tired

I actually started the day sleeping in......until 6:45 a.m. For me, being in bed at that time any day ,of the week is momentous, especially after the vernal equinox! We have 5 windows in our, when the sun is right in my eyes if I am still lying in bed!
Anyway, we originally had a soccer game but it was cancelled due to the fields being too wet. That was fine with me....we were supposed to be at a birthday party during that same time, and since it was family, I would rather be at a laser tag birthday than screaming after Michael "Spread out, get the BALL, you're defense...stop crossing the line!!!!"
Since it was such a beautiful day (and nasty weather is immanent tomorrow) I had a wild hair to go hiking at Cumberland Mountain State Park. I had never been there but heard it was fabulous, if you are an outdoors kind of person. AND as most of you know, I LOVE being outside. Inside sucks!!! The park was GREAT! Definitely worth our 40 minute drive. The hiking trails were moderate terrain and just my speed. Too bumpy for an all-terrain stroller so I would love to go back sans the little guy. Nothing personal but carrying a stroller across huge rocks and roots on the path is not really my bag. Michael's friend Ben was able to go with us and fun was had for all. I am posting a few pics here, but the meat of the pictures will be on Facebook. Too many for the blog.
Now I am extremely exhausted. Three miles of hiking on the trails did me in. Yes, I am in shape but this was a different activity. Not to mention 1/4 of a mile involved me carrying Marshall (he weighs 36 pounds!!!) I had to pick between holding him or negotiating a damn stroller over the rough terrain and undulations. I chose carrying. Much less brain damage. If you are ever in the Cumberland Plateau region...I highly suggest this park. It has everything from a pool, trails, lake, cabins, campsites (camper or tent), restaurant, and a beautiful golf course. Bear Trace was designed by Jack Nicklaus and I sure Mike was jonesing. We'll be back and he'll get over it! I may allow a round of golf on our return.

The dam at the park

They were fascinated with the waterfalls
What is that growth coming out of the tree? Lichen on crack?
Aren't we cute. Well, he is!

What a bunch of posers!
Hulk out
Trail Meister
Boys will be boys!
Do you think he is worn out!!??

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