Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

This week has been a whirlwind. I always complain to myself...."How much more can I possibly put on my plate?" Apparently, a lot more!
Today was the pinnacle of a busy day. Work for me/School for Michael. We had back to back haircuts starting at 3:30. My haircut ended at 5 pm and I was supposed to attend a going away party at Chili's afterwards. The problem was....Michael had soccer practice at 5 followed by a Laser Tag birthday party at 6. Why can I not be omnipotent? Why Why Why!!!!???
Mike was in a generous mood and took Michael to his 'indoor soccer practice' while I met with friends and imbibed a margarita or two. Hey, don't shake your heads...Mom needs her time, too. The party did not get too out of hand. Just enough to drink for everyone that driver's license pictures made their debut and were passed around.....that is always cheap entertainment.
When I got home, Mike apprised me of all the soccer information. 1. Apparently, there are a lot of girls on his soccer team this season and Michael made a comment like "looks like there are a lot of cuties on my team". Whew, thank goodness my boy likes girls!! 2. Marshall was hanging all over the coaches leg (don't worry, this has been Michael's coach for 3 years so he was not a 'stranger'). I personally think he was brown nosing the coach because he wants on his Micro team next the fall. You never know! (The coach has a little guy, too. He is 2 months older than Marshall). 3. Mike notices the coaches daughter and my son Michael making google eyes at each other. According to him, they kept eyeing each other and grinning. Again, that is totally weird. I know my boys will not be young forever....but it is still weird. But, when you have boys as handsome as mine......I can understand what is going on with the babes. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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