Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update With Angela B.

My mom was up to visit for a few days and as usual, the time flew by. She would make the best Nanny ever....I truly wish I had the money to pay her a BIG salary and hire her on full time. My life would be a million times easier but one caveat would kids would be a million times more spoiled. When she is here, I usually try to spend my free time with home improvement projects and that list is growing rampantly. Most of these projects involve the outdoors 1. Killing the clover/fertilizing the yard, 2. Rearranging my entire back flower bed which will involve tons of digging ( I love to dig, the more dirt under my nails....the better), 3. Pressure washing the patio, 4. Mowing the yard. But, since it was raining outside Saturday....I had to cross things off my indoor list 1. Tiling the garage wall (only the first 3 feet from the floor), 2. Tiling my backsplash in the kitchen, 3. Painting my bedroom with Sherwin Williams (walls: Portabello; Ceiling: Rainwashed), 4. Painting my son's bathroom with that uber resistant scrubbing paint, 5. Recovering the cushions of my dinette set. Seeing as the later of the five involved the least amount of mess, I chose it. Now, I have never recovered anything.....much less attempted any type of upholstery project but why not. If I can install dimmer switches and light fixtures, how hard could it be to slap one type of fabric over another.....oh, and adding more padding. My butt requires more cush for the tush since I don't have enough of my own.
Well, not to brag or anything but the chairs turned out GREAT. I am so pleased. Obviously, if one were a professional...they could tell. But, you all know my theory......if you don't like something in my house, you may exit the same door you entered. Needless to say, my Saturday ended with me being satisfied. I actually accomplished something on my list. The cherry to my Saturday sundae was watching Dwayne Johnson host the Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. Michael enjoyed the awards.......mommy enjoyed The Rock.....abs, guns, Lordy!!
To further cement my Dwayne Johnson 'bifecta'......I decided to take Michael to see Return To Witch Mountain for a Sunday matinee. Removing any bias for an extremely muscled man...this was a really good movie. Sarcasm abounded, which I love. Based on the poll taken from the kids that attended with me.....4 out of 5 stars.....highly recommended. All and all, a great weekend. It was too fast as usual....but great.

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