Monday, March 23, 2009

Where To Begin, Our Vacation Day One

This is going to be a really long blog therefor I am apologizing ahead of time for all the rambling and poor grammar!!
We finally arrived in Sevierville at one and our room was ready early. Thank goodness. We go upstairs, unpack and get our bathing suits out. I hear Michael say, "That's great". I knew immediately what that meant....he forgot to pack swim trunks. Yes, I am mean and make my 8 year old pack his own bag but I am all about early responsibility. When you will be 9 in three months, you should have the ability to pack your own bag for a two day trip. Ok, back to the story. I put normal clothes on, called the concierge desk and headed to Kmart after he gave me directions. Water fun......on hold!
We were able to grace the waterpark with our presence around three. It was soooo loud. Imagine this....1. The roar of all the people, 2. The thunder sound one ride made every minute, 3. The metal fire bell sound that alarmed when the 750 gallon bucket was getting ready to tip, 4. The buzzer that went off every 15 minutes to let everyone know the waves were starting up, 5. Helicopters flying overhead constantly giving tours of the mountains. I was overstimulated to say the least. I felt like I was in Grenada!
Alright, we stay at the park for three hours and the kids had a blast. Michael's favorite part was a tie between the surfing thing and the water slides. Marshall LOVED the wave pool. I personally was surprised. Here are a few pics of the surfing and the wave pool.

We finished the day with dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I know we should eat somewhere different when on vacation but I am leary of doing such. Michael took pictures of everything in the restaurant, including our food. Here we all are at RT chowing down.

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