Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend ReCap

Just when you think time could not possibly travel any faster......it does! The weekend has already come and gone and here it is Tuesday. I barely remember any of it anymore.

I did not get to see my kids at all on Friday, or so it seemed. Michael woke up Friday morning around 5:30 running into our room screaming. (Have I mentioned he is deathly afraid of thunderstorms). The wind has this uncanny knack to always blow toward the window in his bedroom (out of the north) and he thinks the world is coming to a tragic end. Once I calmed him down.....I realized he was burning up with a fever....an ear probe proved it...103 degrees. He snuggled down into our bed as I finished getting ready and left for work.
I arrived at work at 6:30 and left at 3:30. On my way home I had to do a discharge visit for a home health patient. I got home around 4:30 just to change clothes and head to the school. (By this time my mom was at the house). Remember, Friday night was Olympic day at school and yours truly was in charge of coordinating 30 people in two shifts at 3 separate locations. I went to school and checked all the locations and tables. Luckily Mrs. Stanton had already prepared everything. My volunteers started to show and I instructed them on what to do. Believe me it was incredibly simple and all my moms where able to figure it out.
Since I did not volunteer for a specific time, I was able to roam around school and catch up with a lot of people. I love that....I am truly a social butterfly!
Anyway, I left school at 7 only to return home, change clothes and go to Spankies. My friend Michelle was turning 40. We were a little late (as usual). My goodness, I have never seen so many people at a restaurant birthday party. However, I am not surprised. Michelle is a wonderful person and surrounded by many people who care for her. We knew about 20 of the 30 people so I felt comfortable. I also felt very TALL. As you know, my boots made their debut. All 3 inches of them.
Saturday morning, Michael woke up feeling much better. Still a little sluggish but all in all doing well. I was able to spend most of the day with my mom and kids. That was nice since I had barely laid eyes on them Friday.
Sunday, we were greeted with 2 inches of snow and two very excited kids. This was good 'packing' snow if you know what I mean. Around 10:00, everyone bundled up and went outside to build a snowman. Marshall actually withstood almost an hour out in the snow....18 m.p.h. wind and all. The snowman was huge and had all the usual accoutrements. When the kids came in I had hot cocoa and hot buttered popcorn ready for them. Unfortunately, the wind blew the snowman over about 30 minutes later and Michael fell apart. I told him to "suck it up" in my usual motherly, loving way!!! :)
We finished the evening by blowing up the snowman's segmented torso with fireworks. I know that sounds totally redneck and I am sure my neighbors were mortified at our display. Whatever!! It was fun and produced a huge smile on Michael's face. Marshall was just scared with all the noise.
So, that was the weekend in a nutshell. I am extremely happy....one committee down and one to go. The only difference is, this next committee is being formed and delegated by ME! It is for the environment and you all know I pet trees a little. Earth Day is coming soon! I have two volunteers already and have not even put my proposal together for the principle. How cool is that?! I am seriously digressing. Have a great Tuesday.

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