Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Day of Firsts

What a glorious day we had to frolic in today. Light breeze, mostly sunny, warm....ahhhhh!! The perfect day to have all of the springtime firsts and I am the first one to admit......I am infected with spring fever and it is a little itchy!! Today started off dreary but once the clouds cleared was time to don the shorts, flip-flops, and a short sleeve shirt. Sans to battle the landscape beds! I only had time to clean out the beds which line the back of the house and they look soooo good. I also raked part of the back yard due to the scattered leaves driving me crazy. I soon abandoned that task and decided to hire someone to come out next week to finish. It is not that I am lazy but that is hard, arduous work and I have other things in the yard I would like to do instead. So here is my list of firsts......
1) I earned my first blister of the season on my hand after raking for 45 minutes....yes I had gloves on
2) I attained my first light sunburn (remember sans sunscreen) and it feels good in a sick twisted way.
3) Marshall had his first experience playing in a pile of raked leaves (Oh, the innocence of childhood)
4) Michael had his first experience successfully flying a kite (My friend Amy was over with her little girl, Marshall's girlfriend, and she brought everyone kites)
5) I took my first shower this evening with dirt under every fingernail.


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mandi said...

Isn't the smell of dirt so refreshing?