Monday, March 9, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough

Just when you think it could not get any find out tomorrow will be 5 degrees warmer! I was working at a local nursing home today and I thought to myself....why in the hell am I sitting in the basement of this place when I could be outside. I just couldn't stand it. I clocked out.....did a re-cert on a home health patient on the way home....back to the house I went. I changed into getting sweaty/dirty clothes and hit the pavement. Boy, it had been a while...full of zest I was initially going to run 45 minutes but after 2 miles I thought (being thin does not equate to good cardiovascular health) heaving and puffing is for the birds so I stopped. Give me a break, my Ipod was not charged so my music incentive was non-existent. That makes a huge difference, ya know.
Afterwards, I picked up Michael at his friend's house and stopped by Lowe's to buy some Crepe Myrtles....can you believe they had NONE!! I was thoroughly disappointed because 2 fir trees need a new home and the Myrtles need the fir trees' old home. Oh well, so I quenched the need to plant and cultivate with cooking. I roasted two Cornish game hens on the grill and the boys chowed down. Michael (my eldest) said this was the best chicken he had ever had. Sweet!
My 2 miles a day of running thing has to stick because vacation is less than 2 weeks away and I really need to dispose of 4 pounds. Why do sausage biscuits have to be so good....because they are the devil, that's why!
I am very excited about tomorrow. First, I get to ride my bike to work and that is the greatest mental therapy one could ever have. Two, we close on our refinance which is saving us $400 a month and with job changes....this is more than just fairly significant.
Well, I hope Michael enjoyed his 4 day weekend...thank you very much Mr. Flu. I think I am jealous of my 8 year old's that bad!!!???

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mandi said...

HM's preschool went to the fire station followed by a trip to Ralphs. I had no problem turning down the donut UNTIL they took us in the back, showed us how they make the buttermilk donuts, glazed them, and handed us each one. Hot glazed buttermilk donut. YOU try and turn that down! I dare ya! Mandi 0 Devil 1