Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Second Day of Vacation in the Wilderness

Now, don't get me wrong, this a great place to go for vacation but in moderation. Friday through Sunday morning was plenty satisfying but, as everyone knows, I am easily pleased. I hate to use the over stimulated phrase again but I feel it was applicable to all of us. LOUD LOUD LOUD. Oh, and for all of you guys who don't know, I am a hotel snob and the room was rather small which stirred up just a hint of claustrophobia in me. Two queen beds, a vanity, makeshift kitchen consisting of a bar sink/microwave/dorm room fridge/2 burner stove, a vanity, two person table with chairs, love seat, and a dresser with rather large LCD television . I know that sounds wonderful and it was. BUT, when the closet in your home is almost as big as your hotel room.....there is a problem. I barely felt as if my arms could stretch out. Since the hotel room face time is limited, I let all of this slide!
The fact that I am an only child and grandchild....I tend to be a little demanding with a touch of compulsion. Like most of you did not know that fact. So, on Friday night I was already conjuring up a plan....a strategy, if you will.....on proper lounge chair preservation based on the sun and the axis of the earth. As soon as the park opened, I had Mike take down two beach towels and reserve two different lounge chairs in juxtaposition from each other. This way I could get optimal sun time regardless of the position of the Earth in respect to the sun! However, that was not good enough for me. When Marshall and I arrived down there, I threw my tank top over the back of a poolside Adirondack chair. I know, I know extremely selfish but that is how it is sometimes. We stayed at the park until four and headed up to the room to get cleaned up. When everyone was ready, we headed to the go-cart tracks. The place we went to was really neat. They had several tracks based on age and a miniature kiddie amusement park. It was perfect for Marshall. While the two big boys rode, Marshall and I hit the toddler rides. He had a blast and so did the other two. We were going to go out to eat after that but everyone was so dang tired we opted for Krystal's. Yes, I know it sounds strange to be a hotel snob but not a food snob but that suits me to a tee. I have a secret place in my heart for those baby burgers!
We ended up leaving on Sunday after only two hours of water frolic. Like I said earlier, one can only take so much of this place. Here are some Saturday night pics and Sunday morning pics. Notice the look on Marshall's face on the last picture. That says it all in regards to the stress level.

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