Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Am NOT Scared

That is it, I have said it. I am not scared of hard work.....never have been, never will. I am referring to my wonderful, labor intensive Friday. The nursery opened at 8:00 a.m. PERFECT. Mike could drop the boys off for school, make a loop to the nursery for a scoop of mulch and be back at the house by 8:30. Let's Tango baby!! I was armed with sunscreen, my usual daisy dukes (a must for yard work) and spaghetti strap tank top.....listen, even us extremely pale people like to tan even if it is in vain!
I began my digging extravaganza with the ten Coriopsis (would the plural of that be Coriopsi) I purchased last week. This is when the intimate love affair between myself and the post hole diggers started. It launched slowly, pressure at all....but then.....the dam collapsed and all hell broke loose!!!! After 10 Coriopsis.......I planted 3 Azalea Encores, these babies are awesome. Unlike the usual Azaleas, they bloom throughout the spring , summer and fall.......SWEET!! This planting frenzy was further perpetuated by 4 bath pink dianthus, 1 AnnaBelle Hydrangea, 3 abelias, and two other perennials who will remain anonymous (Only because I cannot remember what they are!!!!). Mind you, this is only in the beds at the south side of the house. During my one-on-one time with the post hole diggers, Mike is spreading mulch in this...too big for your britches....flower bed. I must say, the work was equally divided and I had NO IDEA how much work was involved with the handling and manipulation of post hole diggers!! Twenty-three holes later....I got the hint!! As soon as everything blooms, I will include multiple pictures of all our hard work....I cannot wait for everyone to see.


mandi said...

I'll have to do a walk through. Totally jealous of your ambition. Spread a little my way, why don't ya?

Angela said...

Come over anytime. You know where we live!! I would love to try and spread the ambition.