Monday, November 3, 2008

Family In Town

This week we finally get to see Mike's sister again. It has been since July of 2007 since we have seen her. My husband's family is from Minnesota, for those of you who don't know that. Therefore, all of his family live there except for him. I convinced him to stay in Tennessee after we met with my powers of persuasion and a little Jedi mind trick! Seeing as MN is 1000 miles away, we do not get to see his side of the family much. Thankfully, his parents have become snowbirds and stay in Cookevegas during the winter. We used to make an attempt to fly there once a year but with 4 plane fares to buy along with soaring fuel prices......well....fill in the rest.
Dawn (Mike's sister) loves her nephews very much. She was the first person to go 'camping inside' with my oldest when he was just a tike. Why had I never thought of something that cool. I need to step out of the mom box more but I have grown comfortable with my six sided area.
Anyway, she has become a rock star this week because she has also brought her lab, Sailor. My boys love dogs and Sailor loves kids...PERFECT!
I am sure the visit will fly by. She arrived late Friday night and will begin the arduous ride home early Friday morning. We will certainly hate to see her go.

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