Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things That Hurt

Having children provides the most amazing virtual roller coaster ride one could ever embark upon. I do not mean the actual 'having' of the children...more the 'raising' of the children. I cannot tell you how many times I have thought, "someone is getting ready to get hurt" and it happens. Today, both of my boys received a reality check in mortality.....or something like that.

First, adorable 2 year old, fearless of things that can hurt him and scared to death of things that cannot, weird. The only way to keep him happy while preparing any type of meal is to let him stand on the 2 step ladder we keep in the pantry. Mike had just finished making scrambled eggs for breakfast. He walks to the other side of the kitchen (his back is to the stove) and hears a horrendous scream from behind. I heard it all the way upstairs and when the 'non-breathing' part of the cry/scream came...I knew something horrible had happened. I ran down the stairs fast enough to beat Carl Lewis, I swear. Apparently, Marshall thought the eye on the stove looked pretty cool and decided to put his hand on it. Well, the rest is history. He had to eat his breakfast with his left hand in a bowl of cold water. After he finished breakfast, Mike started to take the burned palm out of the water and Marshall cried, "NOOOOO". It took some convincing but he finally complied. He now has a couple of blisters on his little, baby palm which he does not like anyone to touch. I guess now he has a full understanding of what HOT means. God love him.

Next, lovely 8 year old that tends to be a trite melodramatic but I am sure that is my fault and Oprah will hear all about it in a few years. Anyway, if an accident will happen it will happen to him. I am speaking of bizarre accidents!!! We are all upstairs in the family room (rec room) whatever they are calling it now. I am on one end watching TV and the boys proceed to take 2 Little Tykes chairs out of the adjacent playroom. They start to push the plastic chairs around the pool table on the other side of the room, chasing each other. Somehow, the little chair Michael is pushing turns over and one of the plastic legs makes contact with his 'nurts'. Well, significant crying ensued as he limped over to me...funny I did not know it hurt his leg! I began to coddle and kiss his're're ok....are you feeling sick at your stomach?? No, he says. For some reason I thought nausea followed this type of racking incident. I think I have been given the wrong information. In Marshall's very cute attempt at empathy, he collapses to the floor, starts to cry and drags himself over to me. It is amazing how kids that young learn to care.

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