Monday, November 10, 2008

I Am The Worst Blogger In The World

I am officially the worst blogger in the world. I cannot believe it has been almost one week since I had an entry. Time is going so fast. While I am writing this, the family is watching Jeopardy. My 8 year old just questioned the answer (if you know what I mean). I am very impressed. The question was "Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.". I am so proud.
Mike celebrated his last birthday in the 30's last week (Thursday) and my sister in-law has made it safely back to Minnesota.
When we got home this afternoon, I dragged the kids down to the "lower level" so I could work out on the elliptical. Twenty minutes later, Marshall is pissed because he cannot ride one of Michael's old big boy bikes. The training wheels went bye bye a long time ago. I try to entertain him with various Christmas items down there but to no avail. He was not interested. We went out on the patio and the birds are going nutso! Migration is a weird but wonderful thing. I had the bright idea to pull out the Beebe gun (Fairly innocuous) and shoot into the trees. The boys thought this was awesome. You should have heard the oooohs and ahhhs as flocks of birds would light in the tree and then take off in a synchronized blob. Talk about cheap entertainment.
FYI: Christmas is only 45 days away!

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