Sunday, November 30, 2008

100 Things About Me

Apparently, it is customary to write 100 things about yourself on your 100th blog. So, in that tradition. Here is my egocentric stab at myself:

  1. Scared of the dark and of tornadoes
  2. Always use my turn signal (even when turning into the driveway)
  3. Horrible road rage
  4. Love to clip coupons
  5. Have only had 3 headaches in my entire life
  6. Never had the flu or a cold
  7. Only called in sick 1 day since starting work at age 16
  8. Never been in a fist fight
  9. I love what I do for a living
  10. I have a great memory of useless facts and information
  11. Love to read murder mysteries and hate romance novels
  12. Love to watch Forensic Files and Snapped
  13. Can quote almost every episode of Seinfeld
  14. Can perform a one man monologue of the entire 1st vacation movie
  15. There are appoximately 24 movies I could watch over and over
  16. Cannot go #2 in a public bathroom
  17. I always speed....way over the limit
  18. I love a good thunderstorm
  19. I drink way too much Diet Coke and coffee
  20. Too obsessed with my weight
  21. Stopped using debit card because could not keep up with spending
  22. Love to sell things on Ebay
  23. I am an only child and grandchild on my paternal side
  24. Only snuck out of the house once growing up.
  25. Never took parents car without permission
  26. Always threw parties when parents where out of town.
  27. I am a social butterfly
  28. Unfortunately, I care what people think
  29. I have a full gym in my home I have to force myself to use.
  30. Love to garden (non-vegetables)
  31. Love home improvement stuff and I do it myself
  32. Only have a handful of really close girlfriends
  33. I try to not worry about things and let the chips fall where they may
  34. I was the undefeated raquetball champion on a women's league in Sumner county
  35. Love anything that makes me sweat
  36. Particularly strong for a girl without being masculine
  37. Miss living in a big town
  38. Miss rush hour traffic and have no idea why
  39. I am semi-addicted to the internet
  40. Played the flute for seven years
  41. I love gin martini's a little dirty
  42. I have way too many shoes, coats and purses
  43. I could eat pizza, hamburgers, and fries every day
  44. I am scared to fly even though I have done it a thousand times.
  45. Bluebird is my favorite avian.
  46. Obsessed with my children eating too much sugar.
  47. Use my clothes dryer 10 minutes per load, any more than that is a waste of resources
  48. Recycle everything and feel guilty when I dont
  49. Love Target and hate Walmart
  50. Cannot watch scary movies
  51. Love to roll loose change
  52. Wish I had more money to travel
  53. I dont bite my fingernails, I just bite at them
  54. Toenails and feet should be kept at all times, even in the winter
  55. Love to make people laugh even at my own expense
  56. Great confidant even though I love to talk
  57. I am extremely close to my mother
  58. Spoil my kids with too much stuff
  59. Not obsessed with germ free environment
  60. Scared to death of any stinging insect (will run and scream)
  61. Have a hard time channeling my 'inner child'
  62. Always get the same thing at Baskin Robbins(mint chocolate chip and Rocky Road)
  63. Low tolerance for stupidity and rudeness
  64. Love reading celebrity trash magazines
  65. Could never be a stay at home mom
  66. Wish I had more patience with my kids
  67. Like volunteering at my son's school
  68. Could go to the beach for every vacation
  69. Believe things happen for a reason (although that reason does not always show)
  70. Will always wonder what having a girl would be like
  71. Believe spanking does not make a child violent
  72. Believe our current violent society is a product of 'time outs'
  73. People who work deserve, people who dont work and can, do not deserve
  74. Wish I could help every mistreated child
  75. Love being part of something big whatever that may be
  76. Enjoy listening to different types of music
  77. I have become overly obsessed with the show 'Lost'
  78. Hate panty lines and muffin clothes that fit
  79. 'Paris' by Tyler Candle is my favorite scent
  80. I have always had a real Christmas tree
  81. I love singing jazz music
  82. Overdecorate for Christmas and Halloween
  83. Must listen to Ipod when I exercise
  84. Drink milk for every meal
  85. Have reaonable expectations for my kids
  86. Love to laugh so hard I cannot breath
  87. Love to grill just about anything
  88. Love to listen to my kids sing
  89. Hit snooze >3 times every morning
  90. Unusually high pain tolerance at my convenience
  91. Don't like people to blow their noses at the table
  92. I am not a tree hugger but I do pet the full on embrace
  93. Love the smell of garlic cooking in anything
  94. My towels and hangers have to all be facing the same direction in the closet
  95. Love to cook but hate to bake
  96. Collector of Peanut (Charlie Brown) Christmas ornaments
  97. I do not own a pie pan or a cake pan
  98. Love the smell of a campfire
  99. As much as I hate to admit it....I love to girlie.
  100. Last but not least, I obviously love to talk about else could I have made this list.


Danielle said...

I remember #84 from when we lived on Bayview and I was always amazed that two people could go thru 3 gallons of milk in one week...

Anonymous said...

we just really love milk!!!