Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Is Upon Us

Ok, so usually I am uber prepared for Christmas but this year it has really snuck in the back door. We have two trees in the house. There is a pre-lighted fakie upstairs with all the kids ornaments and then we have a real one downstairs. Every year I tell myself I am done with real trees. Then every year I succumb to it. I finally finished stringing 1000 lights on the real tree downstairs. Now, I just have to put the 'adult' ornaments on it. Hopefully, Marshall will not find it in himself to take down all the ones he can reach. He has an uncanny knack of making me redo things over and over again. It is quite maddening. Yesterday, he made an attempt to help string up the lights. He actually did a decent job considering he is two.
After I had put up the first 100 lights.....I stopped, stepped back and said...'All done'' Marshall looked at me and said 'You not all done.' He was very concerned I was under the impression of being done seeing as it was very obvious I was not. That is one smart cookie if I do say so myself.
Now, if I could only train him to get my Christmas cards finished and to go buy a few more gifts. I am soooooo far behind. I need a personal assistant!

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Danielle said...

So what kind of "adult" ornaments do you put on your tree??? You don't want to know what I am envisioning your "adult" tree to look like...