Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Bablings

The past two days have been a whirlwind of activity. I get a tiny reprieve of social activity tonight but that time will be filled with preparations for Michael's cookie decorating party. This is our third annual cookie party. We have 12 or so kids come over and decorate Christmas themed sugar cookies. They get all kinds of icing, sprinkles, etc. I figure this is the last year he will want this so I am taking full advantage of it.
Tuesday night I went to an ornament swap with some girls I attend Bible study with (yes, I go to Bible study). Last night was an all girl party at another friends house. I have never seen so many women in one house in my entire life. There must have been 40 women there. I was excited to go for several reasons. One, it was in a swanky neighborhood and I have been dying to see inside some of the houses. Two, a lot of friends I have not seen in a while were there. The night ended with two separate karaoke session in different parts of the house (this house was huge). Oh, and the pool house was bigger than most people's houses. It was quite the pad I must say.
Anyway, I wanted to write something funny Marshall said yesterday but I have to get to work. I will post it at lunch so be sure to check back.

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