Thursday, December 11, 2008

Land Of The Living

Apparently, I had no idea how much I had ostracized myself from the world over the past four weeks. Tonight was the Open House to my eldest son's school. We arrived on time but due to an impending, accumulating snow(which was already happening, so much for impending) they cut everything off at 6:30. I was able to briefly catch up with boatloads of people. All of whom asked "Is everything OK?". I am sure a contributing factor to this question was my swollen, bloodshot eyes but with everything comes an explanation. (LONG STORY, DON'T ASK). I guess I had absolutely no idea how much I had removed myself from civilization. Sorry about that!
It was nice to see everyone again and as much as I hate to admit it.....feeling uber important and cared about by the masses was nice. I guess I forgot how many wonderful people I knew. I decided to kill two birds and deliver the Cougar Run DVD's to the teacher's mailboxes so I had carte blanche into the "secret teacher's area". ha ha! Have I mentioned how important I am ....... just kidding.
Well, the snow is crazy. Accumulation......definite. The yards and cars are covered and the roads are slushy! SWEET! I guess that means no school tomorrow. I vow to become a school teacher if we get socialized medicine. That would mean I get a day off tomorrow!!!
I am back in full form, I promise. I am focused and hopefully back to my old self in less than a week. Christmas is almost here!!


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Sad it is. I have a feeling my grieving has just begun.