Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Short Picture Update

I was not going to share the website with the last pics of me and the boys with everyone because......well.....because there are many unflattering pictures of me in them. To be frank, I like to screen any takes of me as I do not consider myself to be photogenic. But, for once in my life I am feeling it is not all about me.....GASP! I know, I know.....yes....it is me writing this and yes I am writing under my own name not a pseudonym. If I hear a collective thud in about 12 hours from now, I will know scores of people just fainted from reading this. Ok, Ok...I am digressing, so without further adieu http://amycallahan.zenfolio.com/p322468238. This should take you directly to the gallery, if not the password is ( I am whispering this) a.bregenzer
Please don't give me any feedback regarding anything except the children. Remember, it is always about the children.....except when it has to do with me. JUST KIDDING, maybe! AND I got ready in about 7 minutes in a mad dash after work.

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