Sunday, December 28, 2008

Late Pics of Christmas Decorations

I feel Christmas is like a wedding. You spend tons of time, energy and money on an event that lasts maybe two hours. You turn around.....and it is all over in a blink of an eye. Wow, all of that work!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I love decorating, Santa, and all that crap!!! I love all of it so much, I will continue to FORCE my children to leave cookies and milk for Santa for as long as they live in my home!! I don't care if they are 20 and 14 years old. This will be a non-negotiable. No, I am not controlling!!!!
I did another Goodwill purge today to make room for all of the new stuff...that felt good. Tomorrow, it is off to work....yeah. I wanted to include a couple of much belated Christmas decoration pictures. The one of the front of the house does not do it justice. I don't have some fancy shmancy low light pics do not fare well. The next pic is of the 'adult' Christmas tree downstairs. Sorry to disappoint many of you but I have to squelch the 'adult' part of your imagination. As my friend Danielle put it....she can just imagine our adult tree. Quite humorous if you ask me. I can see where her mind might have gone. It is actually quite funny. Our tree is very G rated......SORRY!!!!!!! The last pic is of the gingerbread house we made.

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