Friday, December 19, 2008

I Hate Having To Title Every Blog Entry!

It has been raining/misting here for the past few days and Marshall is fascinated with rain. Well, he is fascinated with snow too so I guess it is just anything which falls from the sky! I picked him up from daycare on Wednesday and when we got outside he starts this informative dialogue.

Marshall: It's waining (raining)
Me: It is? (said with hyper enthusiasm)
Marshall: Yeah, it wained on my face.
Me: It did? (said with unbridled enthusiasm)
Marshall: Yeah, it wained on my nose.
Me: It did? (said with moderate enthusiasm, I was running low on enthusiasm at this point)
Marshall: Yeah, it wained on the truck.
Me: I know.

By this time we are pulling out the parking lot and he further instructs me on how to get home. "Turn that way", he tells me. He know the way home, granted it is only 1/4 of a mile away and only has two turns......I still think that is pretty darn impressive.
I also realize this little dialogue is not near as cute in typed print.....but....just try to envision it coming out of a two year old mouth with a little lisp! Priceless.

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