Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessed With Beautiful Weather

For those of you that do not live around here, you may not be aware of the absolutely beautiful day we had in middle Tennessee yesterday. Even on the plateau, we made it to 62 degrees. MIGHTY FINE! I got off work at three and headed straight home to get the boys out. Outside I mean.....not out of the tiny crate I keep them in when I have to work and there is no school!!!
Just kidding, we had a sitter.......maybe!
First on the agenda was bike riding. Marshall sat in his little seat in front of me on my bike and off we went. Our neighborhood is shaped like a backward letter 'P' and has about 12 houses in it. This is perfect for riding because it is not a thoroughfare and traffic is non-existent. We made 10 loops around with each loop a smidgen shy of 1/2 mile. It was so nice to be outside again, especially on my bike. For those of you new to my blog, I ride my bike to work when it is warm and I miss it terribly. It is great therapy.
Next, we threw the Aerobie. This is the most fun thing to throw to each other. It it like a Frisbee but softer and much easier to catch and aim. Perfect for kids because it does not hurt their hand when they catch it and it will go forever if you throw it hard enough over 100 yards. Seriously, Homer! I included a picture, check it out. They have them at Target.
We ended the evening with the boys on the patio chasing each other on tricycles. For some reason Michael loves to ride Marshall's little toys. They did that while I made yummy burgers on the grill. I decided to be a bad parent and finish watching a movie while we ate dinner. I know thousands of moms have their hands on their hips right now but you know what....bite me!!! :)
We had to finish watching Baby Mama so it could be returned on time. By the way, great flick!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year. Please don't drink and drive or let your friends drink and drive. Even though I get very few comments on my blog, I do have a tracker for visits which average about 13 a day and I want every one of my anonymous people who read my blog alive and well next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Very nice blog Angela! Keep up the good work and keep those folks at CRMC in line! :)

Anonymous said...

I will but keeping them in line is an almost impossible task!