Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fast Weekends

I just want everyone to know how tired I am of the weekends going by so damn fast! One second it is Friday, the next it is 5:30 Monday morning. This routine is getting rather old! I have no idea what I did Friday night. I took Michael to a birthday party at the children's museum and the rest is just a blur. Saturday consisted of a huge open house family day (should all this be capitalized?) at the "official ribbon cutting" at the new hospital addition. By the way, the sculpture Brad Sells did for the lobby is UNBELIEVABLE! If you live in Cookeville and have not seen it, you are missing out. This was followed by Santa Claus pics at the Candy Junction in downtown Cookeville. To further pass along my torture and for personal entertainment, I made Mike go to all of it! Was that rude? The remainder of the day consisted of wrapping boatloads of presents and the night was finished with my contract company's Christmas party. The actual party was at Holiday Inn Express in town but the real party started at a karaoke sports bar! Wow, talk about a lot of misinformed people. Misinformed like.....someone told them they could sing!!! It was tons of fun and too many drinks and a headache the next morning later...well...you get it.
Sunday....I decided to torture my husband once again. This consisted of taking the kids to IHOP for breakfast, driving to Hermitage to drop them off, and finishing with shopping in Mt. Juliet. We completed the remainder of the shopping (well almost) but it was kind of sad because it was not that busy at the "shopping area". Sign of the times, I suppose. It is just easier to ignore when it doesn't smack you in the face.
Well, seeing as my social calender is back in full swing.....I must get off of here. I have a function tonight, another tomorrow night and another thing for Michael to plan for Friday. I will keep all of you updated on the goings on as I know you are all waiting with bated breath....please insert sarcastic undertone here!

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