Sunday, December 21, 2008


Only Seinfeld junkies will appreciate the title.....................
Anyway, since I could watch a movie every night for the rest of my life, my time alone will be consumed by movies. Tonight we screened Blood Diamond. Let me say, this has to be the most disturbing movie I have watched in a long time. I guess the hardest impact was because it is, for arguments sake, a true story. If you have children, terribly disturbing.....if you don't have children....moderately disturbing only if you have any iota of appreciation for humanity. I had to fast forward through several parts due to the disturbing factor. I am proud to say I am not your typical female lusting after diamonds. I could care less. What does a drawer full of baubles mean anyway? I love you and please refer to all of these marital assets to prove it. PLEASE!!! Could anyone be more shallow? By the way, the Titans rule and now have home advantage for the playoffs....HELL YES!!!

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