Thursday, February 12, 2009

All The Laws

Wow, I cannot believe it has been almost a week since I last had an entry. This week has been such a whirlwind, I cannot even begin to describe it so one could get a true grasp or understand the concept......but I will attempt, of course!
We have all heard of different laws.....Newton gave us the laws of motion (3 actually), Einstein gave us the Theory of Relativity (could be construed as a "law") and of course there is ol' Murphy's Law which if you are not familiar with the first two aforementioned, you definitely know about that one.

Because I am so damn special (j/k), I am setting the groundwork, a virtual storyboard, for my own personal hypothesis for the Law of Contagiousness. My home has been a virtual incubator, Petri dish even for sickness over the past week. However, I find it odd how certain illnesses skip members of the family but it is a different family member depending on the ailment. For example, a couple of months ago the most wonderful gastrointestinal virus ravaged the house. Diarrhea and vomiting were the items du jour. Everyone was affected except yours truly. I think it was because I can be such a pain in the ass that even intestinal bugs shake with fear.
This past week is has been a respiratory issue. Michael was the first lucky contestant on Friday. He had a low grade fever, cough, complaining of a headache, and a sore throat. A 25 dollar co-pay later we discover it was not strep but some obscure virus!! Treat the symptoms and it will go away in a few days we were told!! CHECK!
OK, OK, OK, my turn....(said rapidly)....Tuesday I was feeling weird, no specific symptoms, just weird. On Wednesday morning, much to my family's glee, I had a 'screaming case' (pardon the play on words) of laryngitis. This glee was further transferred to my coworkers and patients as they were able to get a small hiatus from my ramblings.
Because I love my family so much, I wanted to ensure that as many members as possible were exposed to the respiratory thing. Mike proved immune, as usual. He rarely gets this type of virus. I think it is because he does not talk a lot therefore he breaths through his nose more which filters out all the yuckies. Last night, Marshall was my final victim. At midnight, I woke up and noticed he was breathing very heavy, panting even. An ear probe later, I discover he had a 104.5 temperature. Whoops, I did not mean to give him that much of the bad.
All kidding aside, I was worried about the little guy. I slept in his room the rest of the night on a make shift bed made from decorative pillows from my bed. COMFY......NOT. I sleep with my kids when they are sick because the run such crazy high temps (105 is not uncommon) even when it is not that big of an illness. It can be quite daunting as a parent. I spend most of the night rotating wet wash clothes over their foreheads and the back of their necks in an attempt to keep them cool. Needless to say I am exhausted today and worried about Marshall. My voice is back much to everyone's dismay I am sure. Pray for my little guy!

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