Sunday, February 22, 2009


Don't get me wrong...I am all for technological advances but this most recent discovery was a little much for me. The only reason why I am sharing it with you guys is 1. I know just about everyone that reads my blog, 2. 90% of the people who read my blog already know where I live or have been here, 3. If someone happens to stumble upon my blog, my last name is not printed. Everyone knows about Google Earth which gives us a satellite (aerial) view of different locations in the world. It's pretty cool if you have never played with it.
There is also Google maps that will plop you down right in front of the location you are trying to find! It will even allow you to walk down the street and pan for a complete 360. Now, not all neighborhoods have been photographed yet to allow this. I looked up couple of locations in Nashville and they did not have this capability yet. I personally am surprised the big town of Cookeville has had the pictures taken. If you go to the, you will see a link at the upper left saying maps. Once you click on that, there will be a text box to enter an address including city if you want. If there are multiple locations for that address, it will list those and ask you to choose. Click on the one you want and a map will show on the right with a silhouette of a little yellow man. Put your cursor over the yellow man left click and drag him to the location you want to see. Place the little perforated circle at the base of the marker that is showing your location. Once you have let him go, it plop you right down in front of that location like you are standing there.
Here is the problem I have with that.....say.....there was a robber. Instead of driving repeatedly through a neighborhood casing an area and drawing attention to yourself can get on Google maps and walk around the neighborhood anonymously. Checking everything out at their leisure. In case you did not know you could do this (and I hope none of you are felons) try it out. It is actually pretty cool in a creepy way. This is definitely the information age. TOO much information.

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