Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Hot For Jeans/Snowing Like Crazy

I am so sorry my blogging consistency has been lagging, to say the least. Life has been crazy and there have been a few upheavals in my home. All which have been out of my control. I am hoping everything will return to normal soon. Please, let it be soon.

Could one have asked for a more beautiful day yesterday. The cherry on the sundae would have been the wind taking a hike. I don't want to complain but it was rather windy! The boys went out to play on the swing set and ride bikes/scooters. It was 10 minutes later when Mike and Michael both came inside to put on shorts. "It's warm when you stand in the sun." Warm enough for shorts?? Not this girl. We went to a big open parking lot by the YMCA and threw the Aerobie for about an hour. What a workout! Why I wore slip on shoes instead of tennis shoes, I have no idea. Definite poor planning on my part. I could not run as fast as I wanted because my shoes felt like they were going to come off. Needless to say I missed quite a few throws. Later in the evening I made Three Cheese Tortellini with porcini mushrooms which was yummy if I do say so myself. After dinner we watched the rest of the Super Bowl. I wasn't that interested since the Titans were not playing but Michael wanted to watch so we did. I was secretly rooting for the underdogs but the Steelers prevailed. Oh well!

This beautiful day was followed by some crazy snow. The weather in this state kills me. I took some pics this morning of all the snow. I can't believe the school are only running two hours late. The roads are clear but we have a boatload of snow on the ground. Who makes these decisions, I don't know. I can think of many, many days of clear roads and the schools were closed. I guess inconsistency prevails and 'keep them guessing' would be the school board's mantra. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. One is from the front door looking toward the entrance to the neighborhood and one is out the back door. Be sure to click on the pictures so you can see them up close. The snow on the limbs of the trees is just beautiful.

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