Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goofing Off

I must admit that I am extremely fortunate to have the job I do. Although there are times when it is extremely taxing....mostly mental....when a patient is extremely hard of hearing or has an intimate affair with dementia, we mostly get to cut up and have a good time with them. We get to play games like bowling, bean bag toss, horseshoes, etc. and throw foam Frisbees at each other. There have been times the Frisbee would be thrown so hard (employee to employee, not at the patient!!) it would knock that person's glasses off. I personally could hit Clete (the other Physical Therapist) just right in the ear with one and it would pop some how! This is usually how my days go. See why I am lucky! This is coupled with the fact of the other therapists I work with are all goof offs. They take their jobs seriously but keep it light, if you know what I mean.

Every year anyone in clinical areas of the hospital has to be fitted for a special mask that protects them from tuberculosis. Employee Health puts this crazy hood on you and sprays sweetener in the hood. Once with the mask off so you can taste it and once with the mask on. The gist of it is you are not supposed to be able to taste the sweetener with the mask on. If you can, it would not protect you against those nasty little bugs. Although this picture was taken around Christmas time, I forgot all about it until yesterday when I was rummaging through my phone pictures. Hopefully, everyone will get a good laugh out of it. This is Clete and I getting FIT tested with our hoods on. This will give you a glimpse of my work environment.

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