Saturday, July 11, 2009

BATS!! You're Weapons Are Useless Against Them

I have yet to share a certain nature induced..super cool thing which happens in my backyard every night. Let me back up, although we live in 'Cookeville Proper' ...I will venture to say we have one of the best back yards in the area. We are in a subdivision of, I think, sixteen houses. Fortunately, our house has woods (can a lot of trees clumped together be classified as woods?) in the back (South) and partially on the side.
Anywho, over that tree line we get the pleasure of watching a colony (camp) of bats fly every night. Actually, the word 'bats' does not begin to describe the phenomenon which occurs every evening in our back yard. Phenomenon, you say? Are we not talking about bats? Indeed we are. BUT, when you can virtually tell time by said mammals..........we are talking cool!
This evening is a prime example. (Sidenote: I finally figured out how to transfer all my music from my old iPod to my new touch....YIIIPPPEEE! To celebrate this occasion, I tortured Mike with sitting outside with my iPod player and finally enjoy the new one. He likes music but not at the same level as myself).
Ok, I am losing the point of this blog, as usual! We are all outside with a fire getting ready to roast hot dogs and here they come........over 1000 bats fly over the tree lined horizon in our back yard every night. Granted, this takes about 45 minutes BUT there is nothing cooler than sitting on the patio and having bats swoop down less than three feet over your head eating their supper. We have lived here for for a little over five years and the "Bat Show", as we have appropriately named it, has amazed us over and over and night after night. I know it is hard to imagine that many bats flying over your house, eating bugs every night.....but trust is the neatest thing ever. I wonder if any of them are the endangered species of gray bats. That little booger is the reason why spelunking has come to a grinding halt over the past week on the entire eastern seaboard...FYI....put your lighted helmet and pick axe away!!
To totally copy Crystal....What movie is the title of this blog from (substitute bees for bats)?


mandi said...

And you don't need bug spray! Bonus!

Crystal said...

Okay...I totally googled...because I had to know about a quote about bees (cuz I totally hate them). And the only thing I could find was "Tommy Boy"?? Is that right? I cheated, I know.

I think I might pee my pants if 1000 bats went flying over my head.