Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, Monday....La La La La La

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Here we meet again to rejoice and celebrate yet another week opener! Wow, it is really hard to be positive about starting a new work week but I think I made a valiant effort. I don't have anything especially attention I ever do...but I would like to start off this week with a funny little picture of Marshall. I cannot quite decide if it is funny or an insight into my future! What a great tan, nice calves and great new peek a boo pumps. Yes, I bought two more pairs of shoes. Just wait until winter when I buy a few more coats I do not need! Happy Monday!

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Crystal said...

Too Cute! And I tried to sing the "Monday Monday" song in my head - and I couldn't for the life of me remember any La La La's. Maybe it's because the extent of my knowledge of the song is "Monday, Monday". ;)

Happy Monday! I'm in Raleigh if you wanna drive over for a visit. :)