Friday, July 31, 2009

I Should Spread These Out

I am such a doofus, I know. I go a whole week without a post and then have back to back posts. I just felt this post deserved some special attention. I am driving along yesterday afternoon, minding my own business. Out of no where I hear this loud hissing sound. Now, let me say the windows were up and the Octane station was blaring on the radio. I turn the radio down and think to myself... Self: What in the hell is that noise? Then I notice the hissing is rhythmic with the speed of the tire rotation. Self: Oh Crap, my tire is losing air and I am stuck at a red light. Focusing on the Exxon across the street, I use the force to finally get the light to change. (It really worked) I called Mike, a.k.a AAA, and tell him my 10-20. I have to add the fact that because I am so awesome, four people stopped to see if I needed help while I was waiting for Mike and I wasn't even on the side of the road. See, the whole country has not fallen apart afterall. Oh, the chunk of metal in my tire was big enough to assault someone with. Although this picture does not do it justice, I circled the spot where the metal support beam impaled my tire! ha ha

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Crystal said...

If you lived in Phoenix, people would probably be looking at you rudely for taking up space at the gas station...and may even honk and yell an obscenity at you. The country is only not falling apart in Tennessee cuz their momma's raised 'em right. ;)

And also, wow, I am impressed that you were able to determine what was going on by the hissing sound. I would have been looking around for a darn snake or something.